GAMLS Primesites Website FAQ

Do my listings feed directly from the MLS? How often?

Yes, your listings will be automatically fed to your site. The data updates every 15 minutes.

Is there a Contact Manager or CRM System included?

Yes. The GAMLS Primesites Website CRM Contact Manager and CRM system is integrated with the GAMLS Primesites Website Gold, Platinum and the GAMLS Primesites Website Office Website Package. The Agent and Office GAMLS Primesites Website IDX also both come with the GAMLS Primesites Website CRM. GAMLS Primesites Website CRM is an awesome tool for managing your contacts, email blasting, automated drip email campaigns and more. The GAMLS Primesites Website Standard package does not include a CRM system.

Are GAMLS Primesites Websites mobile friendly?

Only the GAMLS Primesites Website Gold, Platinum, and Office website packages come with a mobile optimized version of the website. The mobile version allows for one-click property searching for viewing nearby properties, access to every listing in the MLS, open house and MLS ID# search, ability to save favorite properties and capture new leads for you the agent. There is no "app" to download and install, it's just a mobile optimized website. It will auto-detect mobile phone visitors and simply display the mobile version accordingly. The mobile version is not included with the GAMLS Primesites Website Standard or the Agent and Office GAMLS Primesites Website IDX packages.

Is neighborhood and school data included? If so, where do you get your information?

Our Neighborhood and School Report data compiles more than 100 different neighborhood elements at the Census Block Group level including housing trends and statistics, demographics, local economic information, school, environment and quality of life.

Can I link to my other website (ie; my wordpress blog)? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can do this by editing your top level navigation or using the custom links page or simply add it on your home page (using the RAD editor).

When people register / create an account on my GAMLS Primesites Website, where does their contact information go?

All contact information submitted through your GAMLS Primesites Website will be saved in your GAMLS Primesites Website CRM Contact Manager, if you have a GAMLS Primesites Website Package that includes the GAMLS Primesites Website CRM. If you have the GAMLS Primesites Website Standard package, the contacts information will load into your website administration control panel. It is secure and accessible only by you..

What is IDX?

This is the ability to display all the listings in GAMLS Primesites on your website with your branding. It is short for Internet Data Exchange and also known as Broker Reciprocity.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes. You just need access in order to update it's IP settings. During implementation we will help you do this.

Do I have to setup the website myself?

No. We will help you with the entire setup process.

Can you help me write a good "About" page?

Yes. Click here to view our article on writing your about page.

Can I add my own pictures or text?

Yes. During the implementation process just send us your pictures and text and we'll add them to your website.

Can I change the colors of my website?

Not exactly. You can pick from a wide range of pre-existing designs and color themes. Once you are a GAMLS Primesites Website client you can switch from one design to another.

Can I add YouTube videos or other rich media content to a GAMLS Primesites Website?


What happens to the contact information filled out on my website?

All information received on your website contact forms is sent to your GAMLS Primesites Website CRM Contact Manager if you subscribe to a GAMLS Primesites Website Packages that includes the GAMLS Primesites Website CRM. You can select to be notified by e-mail or SMS text message when someone registers on your website.

What happens if I leave my current broker or association?

GAMLS Primesites Website is a GAMLS Primesites program. If you're a member of an association that is a member of GAMLS Primesites then you have access to the GAMLS Primesites Website program.

How do I order a GAMLS Primesites Website?

You can order your GAMLS Primesites Website today by contacting our office at 800-336-1027 option 2 or order online click here.

How long until my GAMLS Primesites Website is up and running?

We can have your GAMLS Primesites Website up and running in as quick as 4 to 5 business days.

What happens after I order a GAMLS Primesites Website?

You will be contacted via email and/or a phone call about 2 days after your order is placed. Please check your spam folder if you haven't received an email.

Do you have examples of GAMLS Primesites Website that I can see?

PrimeSites Demo - (Demo Platinum Site)

Dale Brown - (Gold Site)

Maurice C. Hill - (Platinum Site)

Examples of GAMLS Office Primesites:

Holliday Realtors -

Park Tower Realty -

Where do I go to make changes to my GAMLS Primesites Website?

You can login to your GAMLS Primesites Website by clicking here.

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